Who We Are

CiCAT is an International Polar Year project funded by the Canadian federal IPY Program. It is the largest terrestrial ecology project linking Arctic researchers studying soil, vegetation, carbon fluxes, ecosystem modeling, and community- based monitoring. The project is linked to the ITEX core project in IPY.

The overall objectives of CiCAT are to:

  • Assess the past, present and future impacts of climate changes on arctic tundra ecosystems in Canada and the consequences of changes in tundra systems for northern communities, Canada and the globe
  • Conduct interdisciplinary research at a variety of scales.
  • Build a self-sustaining community of researchers for northern terrestrial ecosystems in Canada
  • Provide information for better conceptual and other models of tundra ecosystems
  • Leave a legacy of research results and infrastructure to be used by future researchers and northern communities

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Research Areas

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